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Brightree Billing Services - Eliminating obstacles, streaming, and improving profitability through the right billing service

Brightree billing services let you generate new cash flows and share data seamlessly. With Brightree, you will eliminate clinical, financial, and administrative complexity.

  • Billing management
  • Inventory management
  • Patient engagement
  • Reporting and business analytics
  • Automated payment posting
  • Billing alerts
  • Denial management
  • Clinical patient information

Brightree lets you stay HIPAA and simplifies your business process by dramatically improving your financial performance.

Unify Healthcare Services offers Brightree billing services at an affordable cost. This comprehensive health billing software, as well as HER solution, provides you with an ideal solution to evaluate the performance of your healthcare organization and make insightful and informed decisions to grow. The software is easy to use and will take care of everything seamlessly. Give us a call so that we can understand your requirements and needs and accordingly assist you with the Brightree Billing process.

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Boost Your Revenue With Brightree Billing

Brightree billing is a unique software that helps you in obtaining billing data, manage AR, process claims, and more. You can also obtain and review documentation in a secure and safe environment. Each healthcare organization will be provided with its unique Brightree account manager. These managers will be your point of contact and will share the latest update on your billing services so that you dont have to worry about anything. No need to worry about increasing administrative costs and decreasing productivity because as you grow, Brightree grows along with you.

Unify Healthcare Services is a leading Brightree billing service provider. We know that healthcare organizations would like to streamline their billing process while ensuring that they are following HIPAA guidelines. With our assistance, you can expect better productivity with regular billing updates.

Our Expertise


Standardizing Brightree Billing

Unify Healthcare Services is here to support you. With Brightree billing, you will be able to maintain compliance, get paid faster, and collect more. No need to hire an internal billing team when you have experts right at your service. We make the collection of invoices easy for patients. Unify Healthcare Services will not only accelerate payment but will develop a policy, which will allow you to get on-time, regularly, and faster.

Whether you want is to streamline your new patient referral process or smooth out your billing process, with Brightree billing services, everything is possible. Brightree lets you increase the accuracy of referrals and save time. The scheduling process will become streamlined, QA time will be dramatically reduced, and you will be able to drive more accurate claims.

Our Customer Can Expect



Days Sales Outstanding Lowered By 7%



Lowest claim denial in the industry



Lower confirmation and bill order days by ten days

Outsource your Brightree Billing Services to Unify Healthcare Services

Once you outsource your Brightree billing services requirement to us, you get to save lots of time, money, and of course, resources. We are backed by a team of professional billing experts who will handle the complete billing cycle for you. This way, you get to have time to concentrate on your operations better.

Brightree billing has been designed so that it feels like a natural extension of all the services you provide. It is easy to learn, and we are always there to support you. With our help and Brightree billing, you will reduce after-hours work; you will be able to provide intimate and efficient patient care, ensure compliance accuracy and completeness, and eventually save time.

Here's How We Raise The Bar!

Full Compliance

We take HIPAA compliance very seriously, and we follow its guidelines and rules meticulously.

Meticulous Claims Audit

Through Brightree billing, the regular auditing process becomes seamless, which means there is no room for errors.

In-depth Training

You heard it right! Our professionals have undergone rigorous training for Brightree billing so that they can do their job diligently.

Happy To Help

Our mission is straightforward. We envisage assisting healthcare organizations in eliminating late, incorrect, and non-payment processes by streamlining fast and secure invoice payment options by customers.

  • Faster Collection

    If you have invoices that you want to collect on time, accurately, and faster, Brightree Billing will streamline that process.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    We assign a dedicated account manager for every healthcare organization that opts for our Brightree billing service. They become your point of contact.

  • Resource Scalability

    Growing businesses need a robust billing management service, and thats why Brightree Billing becomes the right choice for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

01.Why should I hire you for Brightree billing services?

We understand that there are many other competent Brightree billing service providers. But we are in this industry for more than a decade, and we understand what our clients expect from us. We bring our expertise to the table, which allows us to handle your billing services with ease and care. By assigning a dedicated account manager, rest assured all your queries will be answered.

02.Apart from billing, what else can Brightree help me with?

There are so many solutions that Brightree offers. With one tool, you will be able to manage a bundle of work, such as billing management, AR management, Inventory management, reporting and business analytics, real-time eligibility status, electronic claims processing, automate payment posting, collection management, automated recurring billing, billing alerts, denial management, smart billing, client patient information, and much more.

03.Will I have to hire an in-house team to operate Brightree billing?

Not at all. Unify Healthcare Services have a team of professionals who will manage Brightree billing for you. You dont have to worry about anything at all. Everything will be done from our end. We will require some information regarding what you would like to use Brightree billing for apart from billing management. We will also assign an account manager who will be your direct point of contact. When you hire Unify Healthcare Services, you dont need to stress on anything.

04.How much will I have to pay for Brightree billing?

Unify Healthcare Services always ensures to quote affordable estimate. We understand that you would like to streamline your processes as a healthcare organization so that you dont have to worry about abrupt issues. Depending on the number of customers you would like to include in the Brightree billing, the estimate will be shared with you. Rest assured, we quote only affordable estimates.

05.Will I be able to see the overall performance of my organization through Brightree?

Yes, Brightree enables you to evaluate the overall performance of your healthcare organization. Through Brightree, you will be able to make better, insightful, and informed decisions, which will enable your business to grow.

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