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Unify Healthcare Services Simplifies the Denial Management Process

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Bespoke Healthcare Denial Management Service

For medical billers and physician practices, nothing more is as daunting as denied claim. You are done with the work; however, due to minor coding or technicality issues, the payer, in the end, refuses to pay. This means that practices need to resubmit their claims, hoping that they will be error-free the next time and get the money they are owed.

To avoid these things, Unify Healthcare Services is here with our bespoke claims' denial management service. We know that manual denial management is a frustrating task. It includes recognizing which payer is time-consuming and costly and also what is being denied. However, with Unify Healthcare Services, you will no longer have to worry about denial management in medical billing.

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The Best Medical Billing Denials and Solutions From Industry Experts

Health care claim management or Denial management is an integral part of a healthy cash flow. Leverage Unify Healthcare Services' claims denial management to easily and quickly understand the cause or causes of denial, mitigate the risk for all the future denials and finally get paid for the dues owned to you faster.

Unify Healthcare Services understands that one solution fits all doesn't work with denial management, which means our denial management services have to be tailored and custom-made accordingly since every patient is unique. Unify Healthcare Services follows a hands-on approach to make sure we pay attention to every denial claim and resolve it by strictly following a systematic approach. To know more about denial management and how we do it, don't hesitate to call Unify Healthcare Services.

Our Expertise


To Streamline your Cash Flow, You Need Medical Billing Denials and Solutions

All a healthcare organization wants is the denial rates closer to the lower end, which is definitely not an easy task since there are so many payers to get engaged to. Claim denials are common among healthcare organizations; only a few can boast that they are close to zero regarding their denial rates. The rest, unfortunately, falls under a boatload of challenges because of claims getting denied. And this is the main reason why you need efficient claims denial management.

Unify Healthcare Services fixes claim denials efficiently. We begin our process by first identifying why claims are getting denied. Once we do, we work on maximizing your cash flow. We interpret the collected denial patterns; this allows us to get into the root cause and accordingly develop a suitable solution. We collect as much information as possible on denial appeals, including correspondence, escalation, and status; this will allow us to increase the recovery amounts. Along with all this, we also provide timely and accurate reports so that you can make informed decisions to prevent future denials.

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Denial Management Services and Solutions

Managing denial management comes across as an additional task with growing pressure, and that ends up frustrating your whole team. You end up submitting wrong claims, which leads to denial claims. There could be a lack of follow-ups, coding errors, and more. All of this can lead to your healthcare organization losing money.

Unify Healthcare Services is here for more than a decade, and we understand this industry thoroughly. Our claims denial management is streamlined, and we follow the best industry practices. We are backed by a team of AAPC-certified coders who work very closely with the doctors and help them streamline the claims denial management process.

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How we raise the bar

Full Compliance

Working in accordance with full compliance is of paramount importance to us. We meet the HIPAA benchmark so that you don't have to worry about anything.


Meticulous and Regular Reports

Along with handling the denial management process, we proper regular reports, which will help you make an informed decision and recover the money you owned to you fast.


In-Depth Training

The team of professionals who work for us goes through regular training on claims denial management so that they don't leave any room for errors.


Here to help you

Unify Healthcare Services has the required experience and expertise to handle denial management in medical billing without any hassle.

  • Cost-Effective Pricing

    Our denial claim management service is available at a competitive rate so that you don't have to worry about crossing your budget.

  • 24 X 7 Assistance

    Unify Healthcare Services understands that you might want to talk to us about us some problems any time of the day. Hence, we are always there for you.

  • Medical Data Security

    When we work for you, we ensure to follow our data security policies. All the medical data that you share with us is entirely safe.

Frequently Asked Questions


01.Why should I choose Unify Healthcare Services for denial claims management?

Unify Healthcare Services is here in the industry for more than a decade. We streamline your denial claims so that you don't have to worry about getting paid. On top of that, you get to work with experienced professionals who bring the best to the table.

02.Do you have denial experts?

Yes, the team that takes care of denial management is comprised of experienced denial experts. This is the reason why we address denials faster. Our professionals have vast experience in the domain of denial management.

03.What is the cost of your denial management service?

Unify Healthcare Services offers you a cost-effective denial management service. However, our service's cost will largely depend on how long you want us to manage your denial management and the number of denials you have. Rest assured, the estimated cost will be affordable.

04.Are medical data safe with you?

We follow HIPAA guidelines meticulously. Also, we sign a confidentiality document for you, ensuring that your medical and patient data will remain safe with us.

05.What is your turnaround time?

Unify Healthcare Services understands that you would like your denial claims to be paid by your customers as soon as possible. We follow a streamlined process, and we offer you the most accurate denial analysis. Our turnaround is quick, and we don't compromise on our quality service.

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