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Our Dental Billing Services Cover Your Overall Needs

  • Complete Dental Billing Support
  • Efficient Practice Management
  • Maximized Reimbursements
  • Reduced AR
  • Streamlined Claim Processing
  • Systematic Denial Management

Transform your Dental Billing Process to boost your Revenue Cycle Management

Dental Billing – A department different from medical billing can be overwhelming if not done with precision. The tasks in the billing process are stretched into many steps. In the long run, it can hamper the practice of dentists with increased stress and burden. These steps begin with insurance claims and end with revenue received resulting in complexity.

The challenges to a dental service are a lot and they reflect in the billing for the same. The top priority of dental care providers is quality patient care. However, the billing procedure divides their attention, making them prone to errors and denials.

Unify Healthcare Services is an exemplary outsourcing partner to handle the billing and coding procedures of a dental practice. It provides the ultimate support based on the needs of the client.

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Counter the Challenges of Dental Billing with a Reliable Outsourcing Partner

To augment the business aspect of a Dental practice, providers need to successfully face the challenges in the process. Before finding a solution to this issue, it's important to know and identify the obstacles.

Challenges to Dental Billing Process:

  • Time consuming verification process to ensure insurance coverage
  • Tedious claim filing along with claim status tracking for revenue
  • Errors in coding due to inexperience of specialty specific codes
  • Issues with collecting co-pays, deductibles, and outstanding balances
  • Errors due to frequent changes in regulations and policies

The drawbacks are plentiful, but a comprehensive approach can solve them all. This is possible with an experienced outsourcing partner who understands the complexities and takes accurate actions to bring a change. Consequently, the dental practice can earn relevant compensation along with subsequent improvement in the workflow and management.

Unify Healthcare Services implements best practices for dental billing and stays up to date with regulatory changes. With professional billing services, it makes the practice profitable.

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Trouble-free Dental Billing Services with Unify Healthcare Services

Unify is the one-stop solution for all your dental billing needs. With a team of experts, we provide the best services for your dental practice. Our team of professionals takes the burden off your shoulders with trustworthy expertise and knowledge.

With our services, you will always have an upper hand in maintaining your financial posture. We offer the ultimate benefits against the challenges of dental practice at all stages of billing.

Our team ensures the following benefits to your practice:

  • Expeditious Payment Process & Reduction in Clutter
  • Reduction In Billing Errors to Submit Clean Claims
  • Keeping Up with Billing and Coding Updates
  • Skillful Management of Accounts Receivable
  • Professional Payment Collection
  • Improvement In Cash Flow with Smooth Flow of Operations
  • Productive Denial Management

Partner with Unify Healthcare Services and transform the revenue cycle management of your dental practice.

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This is why you can consider us as your trusted billing partner

  • HIPAA compliant
  • Regular QA checking
  • Higher rate of accuracy
  • Software usage flexibility
  • Efficient processing of both paper and electronic file claims
  • Strict confidentiality of your documents and other information

Get in touch with us and ensure a healthcare practice that is never short of revenue and is always up to deliver the best care to the patients.

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