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HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare & Compliance

We give high priority to maintaining better healthcare and compliance quality with HIPAA Compliance Solutions.

Our highest priority at Unify Healthcare Services is to offer our clients security and privacy. All our data transmissions and interchanges are encrypted. Your crucial data is safe with us as we give top-class options of HIPAA-endorsed security. Our expert team deals with data threats immediately and strictly. We have set an effective benchmark to maintain the highest standards of security, focusing on HIPAA Compliance US. Our HIPAA-compliant management providers carry on with the zero-violation policy.

Know about HIPAA Compliance

Know about
HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance Solutions adhered to technical, physical, and administrative safeguards that covered business associates and entities must uphold to protect PHI integrity. As per the HIPAA Compliance guidelines, the technical safeguards must focus on authenticating ePHI, controlling access, network encryptions, controlling activity audits, encrypting devices, and enabling automatic logoff. The physical safeguards are required to focus on protecting mobile, managing workstations, tracking servers, and controlling facility access. The Administrative guidance is supposed to focus on building contingencies, documenting all security incidents, training your staff, risk assessment, systematic risk management and blocking unauthorized access.

HIPAA 1996 ensures the maintenance of the highest standards while protecting health information from being disclosed without the patient's consent or knowledge. HIPAA ensures that organizations must take enterprise-wide steps by following the privacy, security and transaction standards of HIPAA while storing and transmitting the patient's data. Thus, our Unify Healthcare Services protect the patient's privacy rights and personal health information under HIPAA.

HIPAA Compliance as Federal Law

Our HIPAA Compliance Services educate all health professionals about policies and procedures related to HIPAA. This federal law includes all who have access to any Protected Health Information (PHI).

Confidentiality and information security

Confidentiality and information security

HIPAA Compliance US is specifically designed to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the healthcare system. HIPAA protects the confidentiality and security of information. At Unify Healthcare Services, we demonstrate our compliance and security services to enhance the healthcare system.

Protect the privacy

Protect the privacy

The HIPAA federal laws protect the privacy of everyone who comes for any type of medical assistance. These strict laws need to be obeyed by every organization. At Unify Healthcare Services, our experts make sure to give medical assistance to everyone focusing on the HIPAA federal laws.

successful compliance programs

A successful compliance programs

Compliance programs are essential to give proper guidance to organizations. There are seven elements included in the HIPAA Compliance program by HHS OIG. At Unify Healthcare Services, we ensure an effective and successful compliance program to improve the healthcare system in an effective way.

Get an Effective Medical Billing Solution with HIPAA Compliance

At Unify Healthcare Services, we offer projected HIPAA-compliant medical billing and reliable HIPAA Compliance Solutions to ensure that you get complete HIPAA-compliant services. Our transcription teams, business affiliates, and billing & coding teams comply with HIPAA regulations.

We have engaged professional staff to look after full compliance with federal law within the organization. We have specifically designed our processes and taken several steps to ensure smooth and complete HIPAA Compliance Services for all. At Unify Healthcare Services, we ensure that our team has correctly and properly communicated all the new updates and changes made in HIPAA compliance. Our data security team is available 24/7 to solve your queries.

Medical Billing Solution with HIPAA Compliance

Confidentiality Policy

At Unify Healthcare Services, we protect the confidentiality of the patient's information or data by standardizing the electronic data for specific financial and administrative transactions. We use a compulsory compliance code to maintain all important health-related information. Our healthcare team ensures proper confidentiality and integrity of PHI.


Security Policy

Our Unify Healthcare Services team offers high-level digital security services to our clients by keeping their health information safe and secure. We follow HIPAA compliance and screen all the PHI pathways by assessing the risk to provide safe and secure healthcare services. Our service meets all the confidentiality and security needs of the healthcare industry.


Employee Policy

Every employee must fill out a confidentiality agreement to obey HIPAA Compliance US. This agreement paper states that every employee agrees not to disclose or publish any confidential information about the patient to others. We also give intuitive training to our administrative employees so there will be no room for any error or mistake.

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