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Streamline your Insurance Varication with Unify Healthcare Services

One of the essential parts of the medical billing workflow is authenticating insurance coverage and simultaneously seeing who is eligible for it. Unify Healthcare Services understands that insurance verification is a tedious job; that's why we are here to remove the pressure from your shoulders. Our insurance verification process is fully integrated with cutting-edge technology, which is why the verification process becomes easy with us.

Unify Healthcare Services provide you with an automated system that will verify the eligibility in real-time. We will process the entire batch of insurance verification overnight so that you can review them the next day. To know more about insurance claim verification and how we do it, get in touch with us today.

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Why Is Medical Insurance Verification Necessary?

Every doctor and hospital would like to know if their patient is covered for care or not. Since insurance verification is tiresome work, Unify Healthcare Services is here with our bespoke medical billing insurance verification process. Until recently, all the work was getting done manually, which means a lot of time was wasted. Now that you have insurance authorization services, all you need to do is call Unify Healthcare Services, and we will start doing our work.

Medical facilities often deal with denied claims during their medical billing process. This might happen because of inactive insurance coverage, invalid patient information, coding inaccuracies, and more. When the insurance verification is done correctly, you lower the chances of denial, which ultimately improves the clean claims. Not just this, through insurance verification, you will also reduce AR days, which will lead to speeding up the revenue cycle process.

Our Expertise


Medical Insurance Verification Process Made Easy

Insurance eligibility verification done by Unify Healthcare Services will be accurate. We are backed by a team of specialists who bring their expertise to the table. They have extensive knowledge about various policies and coverage. We know that verification has to be done accurately and promptly. Unify Healthcare Services is here for more than a decade, and our tailored health insurance verification process will obtain all the required information to eliminate the chances of errors.

Our team of talented and skilled specialists will do the health insurance document verification, patient insurance coverage verification, patient information correction, and claim submission process. At Unify Healthcare Services, we provide you with comprehensive insurance verification services that you can count on. We make the entire process smooth and easy to let you have a quick upturn in your cash flow.

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Simplified Insurance Verification Process

Insurance verification never has to be difficult if you contact the right insurance verification checking company. Unify Healthcare Services will check patients' insurance meticulously to identify is the healthcare benefits cover the amount required for the treatments and procedures or not. Furthermore, a healthcare organization must verify every patient's insurances before they start giving them medical services. Failing to do so will end up unpaid claims, which will affect your cash flow.

With the help of Unify Healthcare Services, you will reduce the rate of rejected claims and also will be able to manage the payment responsibilities of the patient effectively. We follow a streamlined insurance verification process, and we make sure that we keep your and your patient relationships intact without jeopardizing them. Your patients matter to us as much as they do to you.

How we raise the bar

Fully Compliant

Unify Healthcare Services understand why a healthcare organization needs to be compliant. We do our insurance verification process keeping in mind HIPAA protocols.

Meticulous Insurance Verification

Our process of doing insurance verification is streamlined, which means you don't have to worry about making mistakes and jeopardizing your relationship with the patients.

In-Depth Training

Our team of specialists has undergone in-depth training. We know that without training carrying out insurance verification work won't be up-to-mark. With Unify Healthcare Services, you don't have to worry about anything.

Here to help you

Our mission is simple: to help you minimize medical billing mistakes and enable the success of your practice. Our support team is ready to help you at any point.

  • Always Affordable

    We know that you would like us to do the insurance verification work done within a specific budget. We never charge you extra and offer affordable estimates only.

  • Custom Solutions

    Different healthcare organizations will have different insurance verification requirements. Our insurance verification process can be tailored as per your needs.

  • 24 x 7 Available

    No matter when you would like to contact us, feel free to get in touch with us at your convenience. We are there for you 24 x7. Let us assist you and clear all your doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions

01.Why should I hire you for the insurance verification task?

Unify Healthcare Services is here for more than a decade, and we know that the insurance verification process can be tedious and time-consuming. We are HIPAA compliant, and we do the insurance verification task meticulously without leaving any room for errors. We set you free from calling different insurance companies and patients to verify insurance. With us, you can expect less time wastage, faster payments, and enhances patient-healthcare organization relationships.

02.Will I be notified once you are done with the insurance verification?

We will certainly inform you through call or email and let you know that insurance verification is completed. We will send you everything overnight so that you can come the next day and check everything. This way, we eliminate delayed reporting.

03.What is the process for insurance verification?

Our insurance verification process is streamlined. This helps us to do our job diligently. We do health insurance document verification, patient insurance coverage verification, patient information correction, and the claim submission process.

04.How much do you charge?

Unify Healthcare Services always charges you a fair cost. We know that you would not like to exceed your budget, and that's why we try to understand how many insurance verifications need to be done, how fast you need them, how many unpaid claims you have, and so many. Many metrics decide the estimate in the end. Rest assured, the estimate will be cost-effective and the best in the industry.

05.Will my medical data be safe with you?

Unify Healthcare Services never sells or shares the data that you have shared with us with anyone. We are HIPAA compliant, and we take care of your medical data

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