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Medical Auditing - Adequate and Accurate documentation for your healthcare organization

Unify Healthcare Services Offers Bespoke Medical Auditing Service

  • Rehabilitation (PT/OT/ST)
  • HCC – Risk Adjustment
  • APC Accuracy
  • Risk Adjustment Data Validation (RADV) Audit
  • Documentation and Coding Audit

Enhanced Medical Auditing Service

A medical audit is an integral part of your healthcare organization's revenue cycle management. The main reason healthcare specialists hire us for our medical bill auditing services is to provide their people with a better healthcare system. Knowing that quality healthcare is entirely dependent on the correctness and accuracy of clinical documentation, medical auditing, thus, becomes necessary.

Unify Healthcare Services has the best medical billing auditor team who not only looks into the accuracy and correctness of work done but we also look at the gaps so that we can recommend best methods to fill them. At Unify Healthcare Services, we perform an impeccable medical audit for billing and coding for our clients.

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The Best Medical Auditing Services By One Of the Best Medical Audit Companies

Unify Healthcare Services have attained professional expertise in medical coding audits. We make sure that you don't face any challenge when it comes to compliance, as well as retaining operational efficiency. Medical auditing is not the end for us; we take auditing to improve our expertise further.

Unify Healthcare Services works with a team of professional and highly experienced medical billing auditors. These auditors are certified, and they can take care of every aspect of revenue cycle management. Our auditors can perform audit diligently and meticulously. If you want your medical audit done, contact Unify Healthcare Services today.

Our Expertise


Medical Coding Audit and Documentation Made Easy

Unify Healthcare Services identifying the existing documents and coding problem, which are or could hamper your healthcare organization's revenue. Also, unable to find these issues may put you at risk of violating compliance as well. Unify Healthcare Services can provide you with comprehensive medical billing and coding auditing and documentation.

Along with this, Unify Healthcare Services will also do accurate auditing and find repayment requests. Additionally, our medical billing auditor will also see where a physician's work has not been reflected accurately. After sharing all the documentation and educational tips, your providers will be able to translate their thought process carefully and accurately while making claim submissions. Through a medical audit, we can effectively find out the errors in your medical billing, enhance recovery opportunities, and make sure that medical practice is following the latest compliance regulation.

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Bespoke Medical Auditing Services and Solutions

The irrelevant coding errors and coding can result in claim denials. This is when medical auditing comes into assistance. Unify Healthcare Services can effectively find out the problems. Through medical auditing, you will be able to take care of fraudulent claims, as well as medical billing activity. We take it as a responsibility to research new codes, as well as reorganized codes the moment they arrive and simultaneously use them correctly.

With medical auditing, you will get to know about the incorrect and outdated codes. Medical auditing also helps you to find out reimbursement deficiencies and opens up doors for appropriate reimbursements. Call Unify Healthcare Services so that we can help you identify the inconsistent medical practices that you have been following and help you with ways to improve them.

How we raise the bar

Fully Compliant

As much as compliance matters to you, it equally matters to us as well. We follow HIPAA protocols while doing medical billing auditing.

Meticulous Medical Auditing

Unify Healthcare Services do detail and regular audit to understand the kind of mistakes and errors that are being made in submitting the claims.

In-Depth Training

The medical audit auditors that we have here have gone through in-depth training. They are up-to-date with the latest auditing knowledge and technologies.

Here to help you

Our mission is simple: to help you minimize medical billing mistakes and enable the success of your practice. Our support team is ready to help you at any point.

  • Cost-Effective

    Being one of the best medical audit companies, we make sure to never charge you out of the box. We quite affordable estimates.

  • Flexible and Tailored Solutions

    We know that every healthcare organization will have different medical auditing requirement. That's why we offer tailored and flexible solutions that you can trust.

  • 24 x 7 Available

    We work for you and at your convenience. Got any questions for us, feel free to get in touch with our friendly 24 x 7 customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

01.Why should I hire you for medical bill auditing services?

Unify Healthcare Services is here in the industry for more than a decade. We know that irrelevant coding errors can lead to claim denials. Through our medical audit, we outline and also focus on the problematic area first. We protect your healthcare organization from fraudulent claims. It is essential to identify the problems and also provide practical solutions so that you can work properly.

02.How long will the medical audit take?

Unify Healthcare Services ensures to provide you with quick turnaround time. We know that you would like your auditing reports to be prepared as soon as possible. The usual time will be 4-5 days; however, the duration can be longer under certain circumstances.

03.What is the cost of your medical audit service?

We always offer an affordable estimate to our clients. We care for your budget as much as you do. The medical audit estimate will be dependent on the tailored service that you request. Please call us to know the estimate in detail.

04.Will you keep the medical data secured?

Unify Healthcare Services ensures to keep all the medical data safe and secure with us. We know that medical data can contain sensitive information. We never sell or share your medical information with anyone.

05.What is your process of auditing?

We follow a streamlined process. There are four stages of our medical auditing process. First, we collect data. Second, we analyze the data. Third, we determine the root causes. And the fourth, reporting.

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