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Our Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Services Cover Your End-to-End Needs

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  • Medical Claims Processing
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  • Payment Posting services

Enhanced Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Solutions for Greater Returns

We at Unify Healthcare realign the revenue cycle management process to plug the gaps that play with the figures. We bank on appropriate authorization, the highest level of coding, and continuous monitoring of key performance metrics. With the modern RCM software and real-time analytics combined with our specialized team, we help your practice improve profitability, eliminate administrative burdens, and adapt better to industry change.

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Focus on Providing Best Healthcare
Services With our RCM Service

Hospitals, clinics, academic medical centers, and other physician practices are under pressure to provide a better quality of care and improve it further while also remaining concerned about reimbursements and collections. For many healthcare providers, maximizing revenue cycle efficiency and improving billing and accounts receivable are important in achieving healthcare reform goals. However, the lack of tools and availability of limited resources bound them to rely on conventional methods. With this, it is difficult to map the costs, spending, and revenue. To top it off, health systems lose billions in unpaid and underpaid claims. Outsourcing your revenue cycle management to a leading medical billing and revenue cycle management services provider will streamline your operations, decrease insurance claim denials, and maximize revenue while maintaining compliance.

Unify Healthcare Services is a provider of comprehensive medical revenue cycle management services powered by advanced technology and robust systems. As a healthcare provider, you need to focus on providing the best treatment to your patients, rather than figuring out the complex maze of RCM. With us, you don’t have to worry about RCM, we do all the heavy lifting for you while providing the necessary tools that give you an edge over the competition.

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Revenue Management Services For Health Systems/ We Deliver Leading Edge RCM Services

Hospitals, healthcare facilities, university medical centers, and healthcare workers are under pressure to boost the standard of treatment while facing reduced reimbursement, greater risk, and marginal pressure. Maximizing the business cycle's productivity and enhancing billing, coding, and accounts receivable for multiple healthcare institutions are essential to meeting health policy objectives. With our medical revenue cycle management services, you can easily meet the needed demands of industry.

Unify Healthcare Services promises to offer the best billing services, focusing on almost every medical billing or patient cycle aspect. We work to ensure the most available and timely compensation for our patients. The quicker the invoice can be prepared, the faster and simpler the compensation is provided. With this in mind, we're running 24x7, and we've committed billers and billing experts to work while you sleep.

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Outsource Your Revenue Cycle Management to Unify

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is an extremely vital procedure in healthcare and is single-handedly responsible for ensuring that healthcare providers' payment, claims processing, and revenue generation procedures work efficiently. For this, outsourcing your work to Unify would be beneficial. We are an expert provider of RCM services managing the entire revenue cycle for your practice right from the patient's admission, treatment to discharge, and post-discharge claims. With the help of our experts, your practice benefits from structured and organized operations, accelerated cash flow, faster revenue realization, and constant monitoring of key revenue cycles.

Our RCM services allow for better financial stability and flexibility for managing routine operations while dealing with industry challenges. Since inception, we have worked with various clinics, hospitals, and family-based medical practices, offering them bespoke revenue management services at an affordable price.

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

How we raise the bar

Full compliance

Rigid documentation protocols to meet HIPAA benchmarked process across end-to-end billing solutions.

Meticulous Claims Audits

A Regular and detailed audit of denied claims to analyze the type of errors or mistakes made in submitting the claims.

In depth Training

Regular staff training to ensure thorough and up-to-date knowledge of rules adopted by different third- party payers.

Revenue Cycle Management

We are here to help you

RCM is a complex maze with steps such as coding, claims, registrations, collections, remittance, and follow-ups, but we know how to help.

  • Enhanced Infrastructure

    Unify has an enhanced infrastructural capacity and proficiency to avoid unnecessary troubles that mostly occur due to regulatory changes or unexpected errors.

  • Higher Competency

    Most healthcare organizations face exceptional challenges in the revenue cycle system. We streamline the process by utilizing our technologies and exceptional medical billing experts.

  • One-Stop Solution

    We are your one-stop trusted outsourcing partner for all your healthcare BPO requirements, such as medical billing and coding, claims adjudication, DME, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Revenue Cycle Management points

01.Why choose Unify for Revenue Cycle Management?

Outsourcing your healthcare revenue cycle management services to Unify Healthcare Services gives you access to various benefits. Some of the key reasons to choose us as your outsourcing partner are that we have a HIPAA-compliant proven process for high-performing revenue cycles. We use state-of-the-art software and technologies and are available 24/7 to deal with your queries while ensuring quick turnaround time, and many more. With us, you get affordable and tailored RCM services.

02.How much do your RCM services cost?

Our RCM services are affordable, but we work with you to understand your specific needs and then tailor the program offering a fair estimate. The cost for our service varies based on the number of patients you serve, insurance providers you deal with and the city you are doing business in. This all affects the flow of revenue.

03.Do you analyze and track all the rejected claims?

Yes, we analyze and track all the rejected claims that cause a problem for your practice. Our expert billers armed with analytic tools will show you the reason for denials and rejections as well as instruct your staff on how to avoid them in the future.

04.How do I evaluate the ROI of Unify Healthcare Services Revenue’s solutions?

The Healthcare revenue cycle’s ROI can be measured on both cost savings from increased efficiencies and increased business opportunity. Our RCM services help reduce bad debt, increase cash flow, and improve your bottom line. Additionally, a comprehensively managed approach toward RCM will guarantee the highest degree of patient satisfaction, retention, and new patient referral.

05.Is my healthcare practice data secure with Unify?

Yes, your data is 100% secure with us both physically and electronically. Some of the measures we employ are signing non-disclosure & confidentiality agreements. Communication devices or electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited on our premises, hard copy printouts are discouraged, and security & compliance audits are conducted quarterly.

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