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DME Medical Billing Challenges That Were Overcame By Unify Healthcare Services In 2021

DME Medical Billing Challenges

Healthcare billing service is different from other billing services. Starting from claims management account receivable, eligibility, prior authorization, data entry to denial management, every client expects a seamless DME billing process. This is why experienced coders and billers are required who have adequate information and knowledge about the DME billing process.

One of the most crucial aspects of Revenue Cycle Management that everyone needs to take care of is DME, otherwise known as Durable Medical Equipment. It has ever-changing operational requirements, strict regulatory scrutiny, and tight credit markets. Since DME can have an immense impact on medical insurance reimbursements, it becomes critical for a stakeholder to find the best DME models that focus on operational improvements. Other things that the DME model should do are boost profitability, liquidity and deploy resources.

Unify Healthcare Services is a medical billing expert, and here's how the company has helped different medical clients with their robust and bespoke DME medical billing services.

DME Challenges Navigated by Unify Healthcare Services.

Risk Mitigation

Unify Healthcare Services takes care of every client's information. It is understood that protecting essential business data and clients' information is of utmost importance. The firm is HIPAA compliant and ensures it follows its guidelines to execute DME medical billing operations. Ensuring data safety is of paramount importance to Unify Healthcare Services. Unify Healthcare Services has helped medical clients to come out of non-compliance penalties effectively.

Cost Optimization

A medical billing service provider needs to tune and streamline the DME structure. This is how you can expect the best outcomes. Unify Healthcare Services has refined every client's existing processes. They have updated it to the latest requirements. With the help of cutting-edge technology and business intelligence, Unify Healthcare Services has helped multiple medical clients reduce their operational costs and boost their revenue.

Bespoke Customer Experience

Another essential thing to take care of is customer satisfaction and experience. No DME medical billing service is complete without offering a bespoke customer service experience. This is where Unify Healthcare Services has outnumbered all the other medical billing service providers. The company has helped its medical clients with tailored tools that offer unparalleled assistance to clinics, account managers, and even patients. Most of the tedious tasks became automated so that the medical clients can set themselves free from mundane tasks and focus more on their operations.

Coding Errors

So many healthcare industries suffer because of disrupted coding processes. This is what has been worked on in 2021. Many clients have lost valuable reimbursement amounts because of coding errors. Medical clients complained about the same, and it has been taken care of with a streamlined coding process.

Here are a few things that Unify Healthcare Services did:

  • All the transcriptions of doctors' notes and lab reports were thoroughly checked to get stress-free reimbursements.
  • A team of professional and experienced coders was assigned to audit ICD-10-CM, CPT-4, and HCPCS medical coding.

Robust Document Management

When it comes to DME business, handling, managing, scrutinizing hundreds of documents is tiresome, and then there is always room for human error. Unify Healthcare Services ca single day is common. However, handling these many documents in a single day can be extended with a robust document management service to retrieve, store, and organize essential business information. Unify Healthcare Services get contacted by multiple clients, regularly telling them about claim dismissals and business data loss because of poor document management and handling. Even today, so many medical clients still rely on paper-based documents. Paper-based documents are fine until they become unmanageable. Plus, they are both time-consuming and costly.

Unify Healthcare Services offered a dependable document management service that allowed medical clients to share, file, and scan documents digitally without any fuss. This way, medical clients could manage, control, catalog, and organize documents effectively.

Here what Unify Healthcare Services did:

  • Index, scan, batch, and sort different documents digitally.
  • Documents were handled securely and safely.
  • A built-in reconciliation process was developed to enable an orderly entry workflow.

Regulatory Challenges

Understandably, every year the medical industry goes through regulatory challenges. This is something DME services have to go through. It becomes challenging to adhere to the changes. If not done, it can directly affect the reimbursement. One needs to be careful about it. Medical clients who don't adhere to that often find themselves in tricky situations.

Unify Healthcare Services deployed regulatory experts. These experts come along with years of experience. Unify Healthcare Services has helped medical clients to comply with DME regulatory and legal obligations. Routine compliance audits were being done to get rid of hindered operations.

Here's what Unify Healthcare Services did:

  • Unify Healthcare Services has a team of auditors who take care of legal requirements effectively. The team understands that regulatory challenges must be tacked, and compliances have to be taken care of.
  • Documents were handled securely and safely. Unify Healthcare Services deployed a tailored framework. This way, the company could regularly upgrade coding.

AR Management

When it comes to AR management, it must be tackled effectively as well. Ineffective AR management will lead to a low DME revenue cycle. Unify Healthcare Services is here in the industry for more than a decade. Unify Healthcare Services provided robust AR management and helped medical clients get rid of outdated AR applications. AR application has to match with the developing and changing healthcare scenario.

Unify Healthcare Services adopted industry best practices and standard processes to unify every back and front office accounting work. Unify Healthcare Services has leveraged on EMR, which is electronic medical records, to manage crucial business information, such as follow-ups, claims, reimbursement documents, and patient data.

  • Unify Healthcare Services has a team of experts who make sure that patient's insurance coverage is taken care of.
  • Unify Healthcare Services use some things such as alert applications, a digital management system, and automation in EHR. This is how the claims process becomes easy, efficient, and effective.

Wrapping Up

This is how Unify Healthcare Services handled DME medical billing challenges. If you face any of the problems mentioned here in this blog, don't hesitate to contact us.

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