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Our Denial Management Services Handle Your End-to-End Needs

  • Hipaa Compliant
  • Regular Qa Checking
  • Higher Rate Of Accuracy
  • Software Usage Flexibility
  • Efficient Processing Of Both Paper And Electronic File Claims
  • Strict Confidentiality Of Your Documents And Other Information

Let the Experts Manage Billing Claims & Resolve Denials Rapidly

Claim denials may be common in a medical billing process. However, a systematic approach can not only reduce the number of denials but also help physicians and hospitals maintain their financial posture. Here, healthcare providers and practices need proper denial management to enhance the scope of clean claims.

With some professional assistance, a denial-free practice can become a reality for healthcare providers and practices. Experts understand the root cause of denials and target the pain points to drive effective results.

Unify Healthcare Services ensures that your healthcare practices eliminate the common cause of denials. Our certified coders and billers always maintain claim filing accuracy to avoid denials. Over the years, we have helped countless healthcare providers and practices in sidestepping denials with effective revenue cycles and operational management.

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How Can Your Healthcare Practice Benefit from Denial Management Services?

By introducing some changes, healthcare practices can stop the damage caused by denials. In return, they can easily attain their financial goals of stability and growth. Denial management services are meant to benefit healthcare providers and improve revenue cycle management.

The first step is identifying the main reason for denials in a healthcare practice such as errors in filing, delays in submission, under-coding or over-coding and other reasons. Then comes the step of revenue recovery. Here, professionals come and help the healthcare providers in improving their denial management process. Other than solving internal issues, medical billing services actively re-submit claims and reclaim the lost revenue by filing appeals

Unify Healthcare Services follows a dual approach, we work to eliminate the underlying cause and focus on recovering as much revenue as possible.

Our Expertise


Take the Step Towards Revenue Growth with Denial Management Specialists

At Unify Healthcare Services, we follow a tried and tested protocol for all our clients.

Our team is dedicated to optimizing your medical billing process with efficient denial management. When it comes to errors in recording and documentation, we employ certified billers who never make a mistake.

We identify, analyze, and take prompt action to prevent denials at the time of claim filing and submission. With an advanced technological process, we maintain coding accuracy to maintain a clean claims rate.

Further, our teams ensure that even if denials do occur, proper measures are taken to recover the revenue. This way, healthcare practices and providers can elevate medical billing, optimize the workflow, and uplift the bottom line.

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This is why you can consider us as your trusted billing partner

  • HIPAA compliant
  • Regular QA checking
  • Higher rate of accuracy
  • Software usage flexibility
  • Efficient processing of both paper and electronic file claims
  • Strict confidentiality of your documents and other information

Get in touch with us and ensure a healthcare practice that is never short of revenue and is always up to deliver the best care to the patients.

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Here�s How We Raise The Bar!


Full compliance

We follow a rigid document protocol and are HIPPA compliant. We strictly follow HIPPA guidelines to process end-to-end billing.


Meticulous Claims Audits

We do detail and regular auditing to understand denied claims. We analyze all the mistakes and errors made while submitting the claim.


In-depth Training

We work with seasoned professionals who have undergone proper training. They are up-to-date with all the rules and information required to handle AR management services.


We Are Here To Help You

Our mission is straightforward. We envisage assisting healthcare organizations in eliminating late, incorrect, and non-payment processes by streamlining fast and secure invoice payment options by customers.

  • Faster Collections

    Unify Healthcare Services is here to lessen your worries. We will collect your invoices for you so that you don't have to worry about anything.

  • Effective Screening of Customers

    We don't just collect invoice payments. We also check the credit-worthy clients for you as well. This way, you will know in advance who will pay you back for sure.

  • Transparent and Affordable

    Unify Healthcare Services believes in doing transparent work. That's why we never follow a hidden cost policy. Our AR management service is affordable, and we are the ones you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions


01.What makes Unify Healthcare Services so effective?

Our state-of-the-art AR management service is designed to enhance your efficiencies in collecting AR. We follow strict HIPPA guidelines while collecting the invoices, and we follow a properly formulated streamline channel. We contact your customers keeping in mind to retain them. Unify Healthcare Services eliminates payment barriers, boosts cash flow, and speeds up remittance.

02.How will the customers be treated?

Unify Healthcare Services is always cautious while contacting your customers on your behalf. Maintaining a friendly relationship is of utmost importance. We do contact them to understand when they will pay and what is the reason behind late payment without jeopardizing your relationship with your customers. We respect your customers too.

03.What is the cost of your AR management service?

Unify Healthcare Services always takes care of your budget, and hence we follow an affordable pricing policy. We try to understand your needs and requirements before starting our work. Once we know that we have understood everything, we quote you a fair estimate. Please note that the cost for our AR management service will be dependent on the number of customers you have, and you need to get invoices collected. However, rest assured, our price will be cost-effective.

04.Where will the customers send their payment for the invoices?

The invoices payment that your customers will pay will be sent directly to your account. Whatever account details you have mentioned in the invoice, the payment will accordingly go to that account only.

05.How can I be sure that all my customers will pay on time?

It is difficult to understand whether your customer will pay you on time or not. However, our deep understanding of this industry and decades of experience allows us to access the creditworthiness of every client. This way, we tell you who is more trustworthy when it comes to payment.

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