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Increase Efficiency With End-to-End Physician Billing Services

Physicians spend various years developing the skills vital to build and run their practice. You also put a great deal of time and effort into managing all aspects of the business aspects of your practice, like appointment scheduling, billing, insurance filing, accounts payable, and managing healthcare professionals. It can be a real challenge to balance quality care with business tasks. Additionally, physicians also suffer from the financial crisis due to changing policies of physician revenue cycle management (RCM). Physicians find it hardest to align their financial policies. So, independent physicians and medical groups can outsource physician billing services to an experienced physician billing company.

Unify Healthcare Services provide comprehensive and customized physician billing services to help you handle your practice management with greater accuracy. We also help you efficiently submit medical bills, manage AR, improve collections, and capture hard to collect payer reimbursements. We are a prominent billing company helping your practice improve medical coding, contract management, compliance, denial recovery, and insurance follow-up, with access to timely reporting and analytics to better manage your AR.

Streamlined Physician Billing for Optimum Collections

Unify Healthcare has several years of experience in providing hassle-free offshore physician billing services for practices of all sizes. We tap this experience to build an effective billing process that will accurately help your practice to maximize the returns. We combine our expertise with advanced technology to remove redundancies across your revenue cycle. From doctors billing to claims processing and from collection to denials management, we optimize the entire range of physician billing processes to guarantee maximized financial returns.

Our Physician Billing Services Cover Your End-to-End Needs

  • Diagnosis Coding
  • Claims Submissions and Tracking
  • Insurance verification and Authorisation Alert
  • Credentialing
  • Aggressive Claims Denial
  • Management
  • Payment Posting
  • Patient Balance Follow-up

Fast Clean Claim Every Time with our Physician Billing Service

Issues with insurance claims, copays, and deductible collections can create an undesirable impact on your practice. With medicare and general insurance payments going down, physicians realize the importance of keeping insurance and patient payments coming in at a constant and timely manner while keeping personal and office expenses down. With professional billing services, you can do that.

Unify Healthcare Services physician billing services allow practices to keep personnel cost down and control office expenses. We file all your insurance claims quickly and without errors so that your practice can be paid promptly, while you offer high-quality patient care without concern about incorrect insurance claims and insurance denials.

How we raise the bar

Accurate and On Time Billing

Collections are processed on time and diligently to ensure that payments due from patients and insurance carriers are received within a time frame.

Efficient Follow Up of Aged Claims

Aging claims are sifted through periodically and are followed up routinely to ensure that payments are collected within a specified time frame.

Superior Customer Service

Always available during working hours, our customer service providers ensure that our clients have a friendly and courteous experience.

Here to help you

We are on a mission to help you minimize billing mistakes and enable the success of your practice. Our support team is ready to help you at any point.

  • Improve Revenue Cycle Efficiency

    When you choose Unify, we help you reduce A/R days and optimize financial performance while transitioning to value-based care with our RCM services.

  • Stay Ahead in the Competition

    Healthcare services are a commodity and the industry faces increased competition. In this environment, physicians require innovative physician billing solutions, and Unify offers that.

  • Reduce Risk

    Unify’s comprehensive billing services offered by certified coders help reduce the risk of non-compliance and increase coding accuracy.

Customers can expect

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Frequently Asked Questions

01.What are the advantages of outsourcing my billing to Unify?

As the need for high-quality patient care increases, physicians cannot afford to manage in-house billing for their practices. When you outsource, many of the associated costs of billing becomes our responsibility. You will see a reduction in the delay of account receivables, a fall in average collection time, real-time reports, free account assessment, streamlined management of patient accounts, and much more.

02.What is the cost of your physician billing services?

At Unify, we understand each physician practice is different and has different needs. So, we offer customized billing services and pricing as well as per your needs. The fee is based on various variables such as your specialty, number of providers, and average claims per month. Also, we do not use restrictive, long-term contracts.

03.Do you educate my staff to ensure I get paid properly?

Yes, Unify works with you and your staff to ensure that the necessary documentation is collected and sent to us for billing. We also send monthly newsletters highlighting important billing changes to educate your staff.

04.Do you follow up on unpaid claims?

Yes, unless the nonpayment is for a legitimate reason, such as a deductible, lack of coverage, or duplicate invoicing, we can reprocess the claim without requiring additional information. Unify will contact you for further information. If the claim remains unpaid, we will follow up with an appeal.

05.Can Unify provide additional services other than processing claims?

Unify Healthcare Services is an integrated Practice Management Billing firm with a variety of services beyond billing. Visit our services page or call us for more information.

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